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ddclient does not update openDNS dashboard

  • Debasish Das
    Debasish Das

    I have been going around on various forums of ubuntu & openDNS - without success.
    I have configured openDNS dashboard to filter adult content out and configured ddclient.conf file per instructions at http://www.opendns.com/support/article/192. I am getting the openDNS welcome page & anti-phishing feature of openDNS works fine but i am not able to block adult content. When i am checking the openDNS dashboard i find that the IP is not getting updated. ddclient starts on reboot correctly , but the IP is not getting updated properly.

    Can someone please help?

  • Tim Boven
    Tim Boven

    I've just installed&configured it and it's working as it should.
    I'm not updating opendns directly but dns-o-matic (a sub-organisation of opendns).

    Have you also checked your configuration? My default config (installed by apt-get) wanted to use an ip of my network-interface but this isn't correct (is an internall ip) so had to change this to get the remote ip - dns-o-matic also provides help for this - see the api-page)