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Support of D-Link DI-704

  • Does anyone know how to get this configuration to work?

    The problem appears to be that the D-Link DI-704 requires a password to be submitted to the internal webserver and be successful.  Once successfully passing a password then you can get the status.htm to be returned.  Using lynx to do this is fairly simple. Hit the web page and log in. Quit lynx and the use lynx to download the status.htm.  Something like


    #Highlight the menu frame and it returns a userid and you #press the login button.



    # returns the status page....

    How do you get ddclient to do this?  Do I have to write a Java client to be called first to log in and then use ddclient?


    • Sorry, the comment line should have been:

      #Highlight the menu link (in its' own frameset) and it returns a password field where you enter the password and the press the login button (which lynx creates as a link you press the enter key on).

      • wimpunk

        use  fw-login=dlink-user, fw-password=dlink-password in your configuration.  Check out ddclient -help or the website for more help.