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Read support & forums before requesting support!

Hi All,

At the moment I'm faced with the problem that people keep posting the same problem (wrong java version / invalid dfc.properties file path) over and over again. So if after doing the installation according to the instructions you still get an exception do please read the support cases http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=browse&group_id=126358&atid=705457 and public forums http://sourceforge.net/forum/?group_id=126358 for problems like yours. I’ll bet you that all installation related problems are covered there.... read more

Posted by Kokki 2006-03-06

PDF files back

Hi All,

Had the oportunity to remove all e-mail addresses from the documents and re-publish them. Enjoy!

Br, Kokki

Posted by Kokki 2005-05-27

Version 2.0.0 released for java 1.5 and Eclipse 3.1

New functionalities include:

* BOF / TBO creation
* Check in / out
* Inbox
* and many more.

Had to remove all PDF files since people started sending just a bit too many emails to the address found in them that had nothing to do with anything remotely meaningful.
Br, Chris

Posted by Chris 2005-04-02

Version 1.0.4 released

Version 1.0.4 released with predefined DQL & API scripts and statements. Read http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dctm/DCTM_Plug-in_whats_new1.0.4.pdf?download for details.

Posted by Chris 2005-02-08

Version 1.0.3 released

New version with relation type structure navigation and some code refactoring.

Posted by Chris 2005-01-18

DCTM DQL / API Plug-in 1.0.2 released

New version of the DQL API plug-in released. New features are;
* Type, group & user creation scripts.
* Group browsing.
* User browsing.

Posted by Chris 2005-01-10

CVS instructions & coding standards

Documentation on the cvs.sourceforge.net CVS server related to the dctm project and coding standards that should be utilized when contributing to the project.

Posted by Chris 2005-01-09

DCTM 1.0.1 released

New features like:
* Structure browsing
* Get content
* Password encryption
* And some other fixes...

Posted by Chris 2004-12-30

Next version

Thought that Id put some effort into the next version of the plug-in and Im thinking of creating folder & VD tree next to the tables and types. This structure would obviously open up a new results table if a folder
or a VD vas clicked and the result would be the contents of the clicked item. From this result (Or any result if correct columns are present.) you could have functionality like:
Return all versions
Get file
Check out/in
And so on... read more

Posted by Chris 2004-12-29

First release

Finally I got some time between projects and had the opportunity to commit my self to the development of this plug-in for a week. The plug-in has a couple of objectives one of them being the possibility to provide a useful tool to my colleagues and the other more selfishly to learn how one implements an Eclipse plug-in.

Features currently implemented can best be found from the installation and features document (http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/dctm/DCTM_Plug-in_Installation_and_features1.0.0.pdf?download)... read more

Posted by Chris 2004-12-26