New source code release of Disk Cleaner

A completely rewritten version of Disk Cleaner, with Vista and Windows 7 compatibility in mind, is available as source code.

Change log:

26 August 2009
released version 1.6.1168 (RC1) of Disk Cleaner

Change log:
-Complete rewrite of the original Disk Cleaner, but now using wxWidgets, Code::Blocks and MinGW
-Updated: layout of the user interface
-Removed: list box as the main UI control. Inflexible for sorting etc.
-Added: list control as new main UI element. Allows for sorting on name, size no. items
-Added: Storage of the window sizes and positions
-Added: Support for Vista's AppData\LocalLow folder (%localappdatalow%) with SHGetKnownFolderPath()
-Added: Support for Internet Explorer Cache, Cookies and History cleaning
-Fixed: Bug in GetFolderLocations: wrong use of std::string::npos always led to %windir%.
-Fixed: Bug in ExpandStrings: wrong number of characters were copied and passed to GetFolderLocations
-Fixed: Small memory leak in Recycle bin plug-in
-Fixed: Crash caused by the double deletion of a wxImageList control
-Fixed: Crash caused by calling dc_frame_onclose twice, deleting the plugins twice

Posted by rjm 2009-08-26