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#180 Problems with drop down menus


When using drop down menus, if you open Workorders and
then choose My WOs, the My Workorder page will appear.

Near the top is a drop down list that has "Save
Search" and "Export Results".

With that screen opened, if you click on Workorders
again to drop the menu down, you'll see that the "Save
Search" drop down list is left on top, making the menu
items behind Save Search unreadable.

This same problem occurs on just about every page
where there is a form element that should be covered
by the drop down menu.

This happens on IE 5 and 5.5, and Netscape 4.x.
[Konqueror (even with JS enabled) doesn't drop down
the menus for some reason.] I don't have Mozilla (or
Galeon) installed to test with them.


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    This is a problem with how the various browsers implement
    z-order (the order in which elements are "stacked" on the
    page from bottom to top). You can use the Help...Clear
    Screen option to clear the screen.

    Mozilla does an admirable job with z-order. The only
    elements to appear over the top of the layers are
    scrollbars. IE5.x handles text input boxes OK, but select
    elements aren't accounted for at all so the layers are
    hidden by them.