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#5 PEAR dependancy


dbWebmail depends on PEAR.php, which is fine, but...

You include both mimeDecode and mimePart from the PEAR
mime package, but you don't include PEAR!

Either include PEAR.php in your project, or remove
PEAR mime code and mention it in the INSTALL doc.

I found a PEAR.php file lying around somewhere, put it
in the project root and it worked!


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    I'm currently working on this in the AJAX tree (removing the

    The reason for their inclusion was that one of my
    development machines (the one I started the project on) was
    inherited from a previous employee of the company I work at
    - and the webserver install was very messed up, to say the
    least PEAR. And when I though PEAR was installed, includes
    said otherwise - and suffice it to say, it was a mess. I've
    been working out the bugs on that and I haven't gotten to
    coding that part on the AJAX tree, so I'll see how it goes.

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    I've removed mimeDecode and mimePart from the AJAX tree.

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