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database object code generator / News: Recent posts

Database Object Code Generator (DBOW) version 0.6 released

The new release (0.6) of DBOW fixes some small issues with no-parameter queries and other minor matters.

Version 1.0 is on the horizon with a more complex definition of search and update criteria.

Posted by Dermot Tynan 2005-04-09

Release 0.5 of DBOW

DBOW version 0.5 released. This version fixes some nasty nesting issues which prevented running a second query while still manipulating data from the first query. It also adds the framework for complex function definitions. The new function definitions will mark version 1.0

Posted by Dermot Tynan 2004-07-05

Database Object Code Generator (DBOW) version 0.4 released

This new release of the Database Object Code Generator fixes a few bugs with multi-table definitions and adds some needed functionality to the default queries. It is now possible to format an SQL query and call db_runXXXquery() where XXX is the table name and it will execute the SQL SELECT, allocate a struct (in C), fill the struct with the results of the select and return it to the caller.

Posted by Dermot Tynan 2004-04-30

Database Object Code Generator (DBOW) version 0.3 released

Version 0.3 of the database code generator (DBOW) was released today. This release adds additional functionality to the code generator and streamlines the C and SQL produced.

DBOW is a source code generator written in C which takes a meta-description of a database table and produces SQL to generate the table and C, C++ or PHP source to manipulate the data. Not only does it hide the internals of SQL (and specifically MySQL), it provides functions for inserting, deleting, searching and updating the database.... read more

Posted by Dermot Tynan 2004-01-28