Active State port available ?

  • Michael King
    Michael King

    Has anyone built IBPerl for Active State Perl ? I develop on Win32 for a Unix platform, and would dearly like to have this, but don't have the necessary MS compilers etc.

    Please help !


    • Mike,

      I sure hope someone has responded privately and affirmatively.

      I just spent about 6 hours trying to build an Active State Perl 5.6.1 version of DBD Interbase. One nasty problem after another. And at the end - the Active State lib does not the required windows header files. Copying them from the borland compiler introduces another set of problems.

      What a huge pain.

      I have an opportunity to use Firebird at a large (>40k employees) firm but I must be able to start from windows and perl. What a shame.

      Anyway, this is to leave some bread crumbs for those who visit after us.