Version 0.20 released

The following changes were made from 0.19.

0.20 (12/10/2005)

- Added the ability to copy to existing table definitions that differ from
the source table definitions with regard to column order (columns are now
matched up by name instead of assuming they are in the same order on the
destination database as that of the source database).

- Added support for the Axion (build M3) Java embedded database.

- Added support for the Progress, FrontBase and Ingres RDBM servers.

- Added ability to disable copying Primary Keys (Axion build M3 doesn't have
the ability to get primary key information).

- Used DBMonster ( to generate a test set for
DBMonster-supported types. This yielded another round of tweaking the
specification of types to use in Hibernate for determining the destination
database table definitions. The result is a more precise algorithm for
determining what field type and length to use when the destination database
table doesn't exist before copying.

- Fixed bug #1355029 (Copying BLOBs to MySQL sometimes fails)

- Fixed bug #1365782 (null values converted to O)

- Fixed bug which caused TIME columns to be copied into MySQL as DATE instead.
(The value would appear to be 0000-00-00, regardless of this actual value in
the source database)

- Fixed bug #1369033 (In Sybase, nullable fields are created as NOT NULL)

Posted by Rob Manning 2005-12-10