First release of DB Copy Plugin for SQuirreL

This plugin provides

- Copy and Paste tables from one session to another (Can be different database
types (MySQL -> Oracle, SyBase->MySQL, etc...)

- Uses Hibernate 3.0 internally to perform database object type mappings.

The "Copy Table" and "Paste Table" functions are accessible through
the context-sensitive (right-click) menu of the Object Tree. See
readme.html for example usage.


1. The plugin requires JDK 1.4.x and Squirrel SQL Client 2.0 RC1 or higher

2. Extract the contents of to the plugins directory of Squirrel SQL Client.

3. Squirrel SQL Client needs to be restarted in order to load the plugin.

4. When running SQuirrel check the plugins dialog (Menu Plugins --> Summary)
to see if there is an entry named "DBCopy Plugin". If not check that you have
extracted to the contents of "Plugins location" directory that
is named at the top of the dialog. If the dbcopy plugin is found
in the Plugins Summary dialog, but the "Copy Table"/"Paste Table" menus don't
appear, please submit a bug report here (Please attach your squirrel-sql.log
file which can be found in {user.home}/.squirrel-sql/logs):

Requests for enhancement and other questions can be submitted at the above
URL as well.

(manningr at users sourceforge net)

Posted by Rob Manning 2005-06-25