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New release 0.8.51

Some new features:
* Filter operations;
* Status bar;
* Sending error reports to developers.

Posted by Igor Malkov 2002-10-12

Release 0.8.4.

Few minor bugs have been fixed and some new features:
Copy, Move and Delete operations with tables in database;
Foreign constraints automatic generation (after copy or move table operation);
Preview data from related tables in the grid;
Looking autoincrement fields in destination table for row copy operations.
We need your feedback!

Posted by Igor Malkov 2002-09-17

Release 0.8.2 is now available.

Release 0.8.2 is now available.
This release contain a number of bug fixes and some new features:
* Hide/Show left/right panel (data preview in full screen);
* Refresh operation (clear cache and fill current version of data).
It's very recommend to download.

Posted by Igor Malkov 2002-09-07

Database Commander Website

Database Commander website is now available!
Welcome to our website

Posted by Igor Malkov 2002-09-02