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Project alive?

  • Olivier Ziller
    Olivier Ziller


    i don's see any update to the project.
    is it still alive?

    best regards

    • carkb

      Dbashell is alive, but perhaps it could be called 'asleep'.

      Since the start of the project there has been no feedback and I'm suspecting there are a large number of downloaders that try it out and then stop using it, but it's hard for me to tell without a vocal user-base.

      I have come around to realize that a one of the basic design decisions was to 'hide' output unless there are errors. For some situations that is great because it makes for smaller logs, less output to clutter the screen, and even for cron jobs that don't send an e-mail unless needed.

      On the other hand, it makes for a somewhat frustrating experience, but people to have to trust that the dbashell code is doing the "right thing" instead of doing what it appears to be doing (i.e. nothing).

      There are environment flags already in the code that if turned on, show SQL script output, but there are still some situations where dbashell does something useful but doesn't show exactly what is happening.

      For some DBA's that is fine, but I think for a majority of them it is a leap of faith and not likely to be adapted.

      My mindset has been changing on how dbashell "should be" but I haven't put fingers to keyboard yet on changing the over-all experience. There has been some recent code updates to make it easier to have custom database filesystem layouts which is a weak point in the current code.

      Are there other areas where you think it could use improvement or changes?