Continually struggling with DBAN

  • Trent Thompson
    Trent Thompson


    I have been struggling to successfully run DBAN on two computers. First one is a mini MSI and the second is an Acer. They run Windows XP and 8 respectively.

    For the MSI, I downloaded USB Universal Installer, made my 4 GB USB flash drive bootable, then used UUI to put DBAN on the flash drive. However, I repeatedly encountered the damn non-fatal errors upon being prompted to choose what device to boot without changing the order.

    So, I thought if I changed the order to choose the flash drive, then restart, it may make a difference. Still same result though. I also tried pressing "enter" only rather than autonuke but it didn't help. Then I typed 'dod' and the screen showed it was doing something with both the hard drive and flash drive as it was progressing with percentages. But I removed the flash drive for some reason and turn off the computer.

    When I turned it on, I couldn't get it to run Windows XP.

    Now, for the Windows 8, I simply can't find the USB Flash drive in the boot order menu.

    Please help. I will be eternally grateful. Thanks

    PS. Explain everything in very layman's terms. I have no knowledge about technical computer stuff.

    • Buckethead

      Any reason to not put it on a cd? You will have less errors.