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How to create a bootable DBAN USB drive?

  • SourceBoot

    I'm trying to create a bootable USB drive with DBAN.

    I read from Wikipedia that DBAN can be booted from USB-drive.
    I went to but there was only ISO file for CDs.
    I read the FAQ which mentioned "installer EXE file" but I couldn't figure out where to get it.
    I read the FAQ which mentioned "dban-1.0.7_i386.exe", googled it and ended up here
    I clicked open the DBAN 1.0.7 folder and found the EXE. I felt confused why such an old version number, but went on..
    I ran the exe and tried to install it to USB drive.
    Got an error (yeah, just "ERROR" with OK button) with the first drive I tried.
    Switched to second USB drive. Installed succesfully.
    Tried to boot from this drive but the netbook says "Operating system not found". My boot orders are correct, the USB drive flashes before displaying this text.
    Came to here to ask for help.

    And that's the story of my life for the last 30 minutes.. Is the USB drive just not bootable or what?

  • You're going to kick yourself once you see this:

    Run program, hit Browse to select live cd (dban in this case).  Select target device and no persistent storage needed.  Go.

  • SourceBoot

    Thanks for the tip, however..

    dban-2.2.6_i586.iso selected
    Verifying filesystem…
    Extracting live image to USB device…
    Wrote to device at 5 MB/sec
    extract_iso must be run before install_bootloader
    LiveUSB creation failed!
    extract_iso must be run before install_bootloader

    This is what I'm getting with both my drives. Any more ideas?

  • Possibly there are remnants from your previous attempts?  I would either delete the isolinux folder or format the drive (FAT32).  This is what the program is trying to do when it gives that error:

    if not os.path.exists(os.path.join(self.dest, 'isolinux')):
    122              raise LiveUSBError('extract_iso must be run before '
    123                                 'install_bootloader')

  • SourceBoot

    Formatted both drives to FAT32 (even tried without 'quick-format') but the message stays. I guess I'll have to get hold of another drive and keep testing. It works for someone, right?

    Btw, why don't the new versions (2.0 and up) include the .exe file anymore? It's a bit confusing.

  • SourceBoot

    Got it working with this:

    Basicly the same program as liveusb-creator I suppose - not sure why it didn't work though.

    I find it a bit puzzling how difficult (or not, if you already know what you have to do) it is to get stuff boot from USB. I guess netbooks without CD-ROM drives are still so rare that people don't even bother to look it up.

    Would it be too difficult to add a working DBAN-to-USB guide to the DBAN FAQ? Or at least point to the right direction (ie. link to or any other program that works for this purpose).

  • Kyrue

    Just wanted to say thanks sourceboot for making my life easier! It's a very easy program and it has DBAN available from the list.

  • Travis Jackson
    Travis Jackson

    Ya, Thanks soo much sourceboot for putting up this program…. I had spent so much time (like 6hrs) trying to figure out how to delete my netbook's hard drive!!!

  • HansMPS

    Hi, I tried #6 method, however my BIOS comes up with the options of USB-FDD, USB-ZIP, USB-CDROM and USB-HDD and the others. I tried all of them and they all don't work.. please help.