JFZ-839-46109 Unusual Phenomenon !

  • Bush Rabbit
    Bush Rabbit

    G`Day !

    Unusual question if you would please.
    I have 2 PCs Identical with identical IDE drives.
    Asus M6B000A running Windows XP Pro.
    I removed HDD from PC 1 used Dban in PC 2 on HDD from PC 1 in different Modes.
    When i reformatted Total Re-install Windows ( not recovery ) from a Disc from a PC shop Net Frame Work 3.
    The Product key for windows will only register with the Product key from the other PC. PC 1.
    I thought Dban erased everything so some where some how that Drive from PC1 is retaining Operating
    Memory and will not allow the Product Key of PC2 to register with this refreshed Drive.

    Does this make any sense to anyone ?
    Ive consulted another PC Pro and he cant work it out either.
    The product key from my knowledge is not in the Bios or Mother Board.
    I cannot work it out.
    All a cause from Virus Web Cake 3.
    Help please.
    Bush Rabbit

  • Buckethead

    If you are trying to activate it microsoft keeps track of licensing as well, a key can only be used so many times and they will begin to block it.