Dban on VM?

  • tb582

    Just bought a new Dell computer, and I have some older drives in a different system I want to wipe. I would like to do this without having Dban taking up my entire computer for X amount of days :) - therefore I would like to know if its possible to Run  Dban in a VM with VMware workstation 7? This would allow me to use my new computer and have Dban essentially running in the background… Is this possible?

    Specs of new computer are below:

    317-2644 Studio XPS 8000, Intel Core i7-860 processor(8MB Cache, 2.80GHz)
    1 317-1680 6GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1066MHz-2X2GB/2x1GB
    1 320-0839 512MB ATI Radeon HD 4350
    1 341-0283 750GB Serial ATA II Hard Drive 7200 RPM
    1 421-2039 Genuine Windows 7 Ultimate, 64bit, English
    1 430-3347 Integrated 10/1000 Ethernet
    1 313-8760 16X DVD+/-RW
    1 313-7358 X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCIe
    1 320-7162 Multimedia TV TUNER TVT9 + Basic Remote

  • Saberus Terras
    Saberus Terras

    I don't think that will work,  I think DBAN needs exclusive access to wipe.  Why not let it run on the old system?

  • tb582

    Is there a reason why dban cannot lock down the drive so that it has exclusive accesss? - can someone confirm if this works?

    the old PC is dead :(

  • I think what you want is http://eraser.heidi.ie/.  Recommend by Darik in the links section.  It is a utility you can run while Windows is running.

  • tb582

    2010-01-20 09:57:33 EST
    I think what you want is http://eraser.heidi.ie/. Recommend by Darik in the links section. It is a utility you can run while Windows is running.

    hmmm interesting, I've heard of it before but have always been loyal to dban…. What are the major pro's and con's of eraser vs dban?

  • NickC

    I know this thread is terribly old, but I am currently running DBAN on a VM workstation to wipe drives… It's quite easy to do, really. You should give it a try.