DBAN wont load when i boot CD drive

  • Travis Barner
    Travis Barner

    Hey, i burned the iso.img to a CD-R using my mac. To burn it i used the Burn software to copy and mount the image on a CD. When i go to boot the CD on my Dell it does nothing.

    I'm making sure i select the CD drive to boot first by pressing F12 in the startup, but its not reading the CD when i do it and just starts up normally.

    Can someone throw me a bone and let me know if i a missing something, or if there is a special way to burn the file onto a CD from a mac. Or maybe Dell hardrives are just un-erasable? Im stuck! Necessito ayuda por favor!!

  • memyselfandi

    I'm in the same situation (used a Mac using Burn), trying to boot with a Dell Inspiron 7000.

    (I don't really have an answer I just wanted to follow this thread in case someone else posts a solution.)