#2 Using dynamicColumn

v3.0.* (1)
Peter Prib

I want to get a buffer hit ration based on deltas. Actually it would have to be from normalised deltas. The question is this possible and how? If not it should be an improvement to the system. For example the buffer hit information is based on total time but one may have made changes that affect the buffer hit ratio and the only way to see is reseting the counters.

If you need to modify the area, I it may be nice to have the sum over a period of time. For example, you may be refreshing every 15 seconds but you want the hit ratio to reflect the last running 10 minutes. Looking at the logic I can't see this being easy. May be a weighted average would give the desired result. This can be readily done on a running average which is how the average is being calculated. Thus a buffer hit ratio could be calculated from the weighted average which gives a picture over an extended period of time with emphasis on the performance latest history.


  • So you want a ratio between 2 dynamic columns correct?

  • Peter Prib
    Peter Prib


    I think the SQL it generates brought down our production system . See PMR 61782,101,616

    Must admit it would have been nicer to do the calculation in client javascript but I loved the technique used. Most impressed. Opened up a whole new world for me to ponder over. Doing it in the javascript would avoid statement compilation unless you passed the xml as a host variable. Thinking about it this should be possible.