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Peter Prib
  • Peter Prib
    Peter Prib

    The configuration list for db and dbm only return the first 50 rows and there isn't any obvious way of seeing the remainder

    • Hello Peter,

      With in the tab or panel you will see in the upper right corner a label "View results" with a drop down box. This is used to navigate the remainder of the rows. We are in the process of looking at the interface as there is a lot more information on the screen now. If you have any recommendation I would appreciate hearing them.

      It is also possible to change the number of rows on a given page by editing it the associated XML table definition file.

      In this case the files are

      DB Config -> ./tableDefinitions/dbcfg.xml
      DBM Config -> ./tableDefinitions/dbmcfg.xml

      and the associated element is


    • Peter_Kohlmann

      You can see the rest of the results on any page by selecting the View Results drop down selection box at the top right of the page. You can also look for a specific parameter by selecting the search link in the menu bar.

      If you want to see more results on a particular page you can always change the xml profile for that page.

      In this case you can change the following tag in the dbcfg.xml or dbmcfg.xml profile.

      You can find the profiles in the /tableDefiniations directory of the TE files.

      Let me know if you expected the next page function to behave differently and we will consider changing it. It should be more obvious that it was.

      Thanks for your feedback!