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DAV Manager / News: Recent posts

DAV Manager Version 0.3 BETA 6 released.

One bug fixed and a Ant build.xml added to source. That's all. Refactoring is going on...

Posted by Daniel Rohde 2003-07-08

Currently under refactoring ...

Currently I redesign DAV Manager software. It will be easy to configure all menus and toolbars with a set of XML files and language properties. I develop some new features like project management and full text search. Next releases are only available for jdk/jre 1.4.x because I use SAX XML parser and JSSE which are included in jdk/jre 1.4.

Posted by Daniel Rohde 2002-10-14

Version 0.3 BETA 5 released.

see project homepage (http://davmgr.sf.net/)

Posted by Daniel Rohde 2002-01-21