#197 Contacts fail to synchronize

v1.0 (example)
Radu Ci

Hi Mickael !
Thank you for your beautiful software that is helping a lot of people that have to rely on Exchange for their jobs.
I have a problem with contacts synchronization on my Android/Iphone everything else is working perfect.

The problem looks like I cannot match the correct path for contacts in the Carddav client.
The error received on after sync attempt is always "Encountered ASN.1 tag 10 (expected tag 2)"

I have tried all kind of variations of the path http://server address:1100/users/mail@company.com/contacts but with no success.
The Exchange server is Exchange 2010 with EWS and,as I said, mail and calendar are synchronizing.
On the Iphone where I don't have to enter the patha as on android the synchronization fails as well so it loks like it's something wrong in my setup or Exchange configuration
Of course, please find attached the log.
Thank you for your time.
Kind regards,

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  • Encountered ASN.1 tag 10 (expected tag 2) => this is an LDAP error, not a Carddav message

    Carddav uses Caldav (HTTP) port