#89 Export of user configuration data

Jim Klimov

OWA web-interface represents such configurable items as:
* signature
* out-of-office (vacation) messages
* rules for email sorting
* interface language, timezone, possibly other locale-specific data for this user

To increase DavMail's applicability for data extraction to migrate systems, it would be nice to have an URL that represents this information in an easily script-parseable format (like LDIF/iCal markup, csv/tsv, maybe xml, etc.), including extraction of such data using an administrative proxy-login ("full access to mailbox").
Thanks, //Jim


  • Well, why not, but can you please give more details on a way to achieve this with EWS and/or WebDav ?

  • Jim Klimov
    Jim Klimov

    Hello. I am not sure if any of this information is available via EWS or WebDAV protocols, I only saw it represented in OWA user interface. Then again, I found some DavMail code that makes requests to similar OWA pages for some of the user information. I am not that much of a java coder to just quickly clone that code to request a "neighboring" URI and build a properly formatted responce to a DavMail client as a reply to some options-querying request; but for someone experienced with the code this should be just a couple of hours of work, I guess (at least for just query-and-reformat things, with Rules likely being a more difficult quest).

    As for the resources I meand to request from OWA and represent in a parseable way in DavMail - graphically that is: Login to OWA -> Options (right-top button) -> several pages linked on the left:
    * Regional Settings /owa/UserID@domain.net/?ae=Options&t=Regional ->
    ** Preferred interface language (string),
    ** Date/Time format (strings?)
    ** Timezone (string)
    * Messaging /owa/UserID@domain.net/?ae=Options&t=Messaging ->
    ** E-Mail Signature (text field - string with linebreaks)
    ** HTML/Plaintext preference toggle (Boolean)
    * Out of Office Assistant /owa/UserID@domain.net/?ae=Options&t=Oof ->
    ** Enable OOF/Vacation Messages at all Toggle (boolean)
    ** Enable OOF/Vacation Messages for external senders Toggle (boolean)
    ** Enable OOF/Vacation Messages for external senders in contact-list or anyone Toggle (boolean)
    ** Date+Times to start/end the vacation/OOF (2-4 strings)
    ** OOF message for organization users (text area with linebreaks)
    ** OOF message for external users (text area with linebreaks)

    Also there are Rules /owa/UserID@domain.net/?ae=Options&t=Rules which, if not empty, define sorting (or discarding) of incoming messages. I am not sure what would be a good way to represent these... For my project, Sieve filters would be nice :)
    Alternately, some XML markup to define logical combinations (AND, OR), matching rules (EQUALS, CONTAINS, etc.) and the matching patterns, and one or more targets (copy or move into named folder, send a copy to a named email address, discard message) and a toggle to end or continue processing after a particular target - this should be a pretty complete syntax for basic rulesets. The "end or continue" toggle in particular is important - it might make the difference when moving from less specific rules down into more specific (i.e. forward all emails, then continue to sort some into folders - stuff like that).

    Thanks in advance for being interested in my proposal,
    //Jim Klimov