#76 Enable/disable event reminders and invitations


When using DavMail to view and edit shared exchange calendars there should be an option to disable event reminders (if set by an appointment) and invitations cause it's confusing if everyone using a shared calendar in a team by CalDAV over DavMail is getting any notification and any invitation for an appointment of the user who has granted access to his calendar.

Basically, a switch in configuration file to turn notifications / invitations of other users shared calendars on/off would be great. That way DavMail could seriously be used in teams with such devices as iPads / iPhones when there should only be one exchange account and there might be additional CalDAV accounts using DavMail as proxy.

Maybe I could write a patch for that using SVN checkout, but I think it would be great if this could be implemented in the main development line.

Many thanks :-)


  • There is an option in Mozilla Lightning to do just this (disable reminders).
    There is no invitations in shared calendars as no Inbox is available.

    To implement reminder removal at DavMail level, you just need to add a new setting and extend VCalendar..fixICS to remove VALARM blocks on shared calendar