NTLM Authentication

  • Neil Robinson
    Neil Robinson

    I recently moved my DavMail setup to a new machine, and upgraded the version at the same time. Almost everything is working exactly as before, but I'm now unable to connect to the DavMail LDAP server.

    Looking in the logs, it seems that the Exchange server that I'm connecting to wants to use NTLM authentication, and the DavMail LDAP module appears to no longer support this.

    Is there any way to re-enable NTLM authentication for LDAP?

    Email connections to the Exchange server seem to be working fine by the way, it's LDAP only that seems to have a problem.

  • I don't really understand this, if email is working correctly Exchange connection is OK, and client to LDAP authentication is either simple bind or SASL.

    Anyway, you could send a log file to mguessan@free.fr