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How to mimic "outlook anywhere&q...

  • JLJM

    Running window XP Office 2007 pro with  Thunderbird 5- Davmail( v3.9.3) 
    This works provided the PC is on intranet (  using  thunderbird/lightning  davmail localhost running pop /smtp/ calendar  )

    but i have not found information on how to set DavMail to connect to the exchange server when the PC is on internet (local ISIP) without VPN. ( with VPN or equivalent there is no issue)

    It seems that davmail does provide some option that will do it outside corporate network  encryption tab but the davmail option do not map obviously to me with the setup I see for "outlook anywhere"

    here are the "outlook anywhere"  proxy settings

    tools/account settings 
      myaccount   dbl click

    connection /connect to ms exchange using HTTP (check)

    use this url to connect to my proxy server for exchange
    https://  Inter.MyCie.com

    connect using SSL only  (check)
    only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name   (check)
    proxy authentication settings: NTLM

    • JLJM

      Last edit: JLJM 2014-03-18
  • Outlook anywhere uses MAPI RPC over HTTPS to access company LAN through the firewall.

    DavMail does not use MAPI at all but relies on WebDav (Exchange 2003/2007) or EWS (Exchange 2007/2010) to access Exchange. This means you need direct access over HTTPS to either the OWA WebDav url (/exchange/mail@company.com) or EWS (/ews/exchange.asmx) to access Exchange with DavMail.

  • JLJM

    Indeed the server for mobile access ( window mobile, ipad etc)  over the internet is a different one from Intranet and i needed to request access to it ( done and granted)
    I can now connect from my home ISIP via davmail using the https://MOBILE.mycie.com/ews/exchange.asmx  with domain NAME \USERNAME

    but the calendar /TB lightning gives an error ( on intranet it works fine on server https://webmail.mycie.com/owa/ )
    although I do have simple workaround ( and therefore a solution is not urgent) I'm curious about the setting required
    whether on server or davmail to make it all works smoothly.

    I notice in the log file the following WARN and ERROR
    I do not put the complete log file here but here are the main symptom once davmail connect to the EWS servers

    2011-08-06 07:22:24,407 DEBUG  davmail.http.DavGatewayHttpClientFacade  - getProxyForURI(https://MOBILE.MyCie.com/ews/exchange.asmx)
    2011-08-06 07:22:24,407 DEBUG  davmail.http.DavGatewayHttpClientFacade  - got system proxies:
    2011-08-06 07:22:27,235 DEBUG  davmail  - executeFollowRedirects(https://MOBILE.MyCie.com/ews/exchange.asmx)
    2011-08-06 07:22:28,923 DEBUG  davmail  - executeFollowRedirects: /ews/Services.wsdl redirectCount:1
    2011-08-06 07:21:56,142 WARN   davmail.http.DavGatewayHttpClientFacade  - GET failed with status 403 at /owa/?ae=Options&t=About
    2011-08-06 07:21:56,142 ERROR  davmail.exchange.ExchangeSession  - Error parsing options page at /owa/

    and later davmail log  return the debug message which start with

    2011-08-06 07:22:51,407 DEBUG  davmail.exchange.ews.EWSMethod  - The request failed schema validation: The element 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/types:FolderId' cannot contain child element 'http://schemas.microsoft.com/exchange/services/2006/types:Mailbox' because the parent element's content model is empty.

  • The first error happens because /owa path is not available on this server (DavMail tries to retrieve current user email address through OWA as there is no way to do this over EWS).

    The second one is not normal, I would need the full XML request to investigate further

  • Jeff E Mandel
    Jeff E Mandel

    I gave up on this, but have come back for another round. It appears that the problem is caused by Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway, which is what is generating the uniquesig header, which still is the same as the one in the previous post. EWS is not involved. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this?

  • EWS is indeed involved between DavMail and Exchange 2010: If it's not available DavMail will not work at all.