Emails disappear from INBOX

  • Hi,

    I have a major issue using davmail with thunderbird (24.3) on XP. Ever so
    often an email (unread) just disappears from my INBOX (I havent checked
    other folders). The email seems to be still in OWA (occasionally) but
    once I restarted TB they are gone too (guess due to synchronisation). And
    they are really gone and nowhere to be found any more (Trash or similar).
    N.B. IMAP autoexpunge is disabled (so messages should still be on the
    OWA server!?). I am a bit scared now to debug/log as I dont want to loose
    any more emails. Any ideas what to do? And/or which settings need to be
    changed to avoid this issue.



    P.S. Posted (almost) the same on the Mailing list but no response. Hope this
    gets some response. Really like to use davmail (again)...

  • DavMail will never delete a message over IMAP if not instructed by the client.
    However there is a mechanism to purge oldest messages over POP.

  • Old Techie
    Old Techie

    We've had the same issue with OWA and office 365 using outlook clients. Nothing to do with Davmail.