Mac OSX download broken.

  • I tried downloading 4.3.4-2174, but when i try to run the app after unpacking the zip archive, I get an error message saying that DavMail is damaged and can't be opened.

  • Solved: When going to the files section to download an older version, I found a file "", and that one worked.

    Is there somewhere where updates are described? It was a bit confusing for me to download a new version through the about menu of the old one, and find it not working.

  • Well, this package is the first Java7 release. To run the usual package you need to disable Gatekeeper temporarily, see

    If users confirm the Java7 package is working as expected, I will probably make it the default package in next release.

  • Kenny

    The Java7 package works as expected, except the "hide from dock" option no longer works. If you check the box, hit save, and go back into prefs, the box is no longer checked. I have tried relaunching the app after saving as well and the dock icon stays. I've gone back to using the old LSUIElement in the info.plist file for now.

    Also, the 4.4.0 Java6 package does not appear to work under Mavericks. I do have Apple Java6 installed, I have disabled Gatekeeper, and Mavericks still reports that DavMail is damaged when trying to launch.

  • I confirm the hide from dock issue: I didn't find a way to get current app directory with new wrapper.