"DavMail.app" is damaged and...

  • When I try to open DavMail.app version 3.9.9 or even 3.9.8 I get a message from OSX loader.

    "DavMail.app" is damaged and can't be opened. You should move it to trash.

    I got version 3.9.6 running. I will try if I can unpack this one …

  • I see I get the same problem when I download 3.9.6 again..
    It could be Mountain Lion that has a problem.

  • Stefan

    simply disable the gatekeeper security functionality in mountain lion, try again and it should work. after that you can reset the gatekeeper functionality of mountain lion again to its defaults.

  • Yesterday I installed the new version of DavMail.app on my old mac (running Lion - no mountain yet)
    It worked.

    Then I copied the filestructure DavMail.app to new mac. And bingo - it worked too..

    Thanks for gatekeeper hint. I will remember this.