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Davenport WebDAV-CIFS (SMB) Gateway version 0.9.6 (beta)

Version 0.9.6 has been released. This fixes minor date formatting issues, and provides enhancements supporting interoperability with Windows 2003 servers.

This application provides WebDAV-based access to an entire SMB network, which enables users to connect to Windows and Samba shares throughout the enterprise via WebDAV clients.

Workgroups are browseable, and users are authenticated against a Windows domain. Non-WebDAV clients (i.e., "normal" web browsers) can also access the network of shares and download files.

When run over HTTPS, this application provides a reasonably secure means of accessing an internal Windows network over the internet without requiring a VPN.

More information is available at:


Davenport can be obtained via the "davenport" SourceForge project:


Posted by Eric Glass 2004-02-08