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#14 add support for neon version 0.26.0

Mustafa Yuecel

newest neon has a ssl option for gnutls (openssl is
*incompatible* with the GPL licence)


  • Werner Baumann
    Werner Baumann

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    Hello Mustafa,

    will take some time. I just added support for neon 0.25. As
    supporting too many different library versions is a mess, I
    think I will not upgrade before Debian packages neon 0.26.


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    Under Gentoo it's not possible to install both subversion
    and davfs2, b/c subversion needs neon-0.26 :-(

  • Werner Baumann
    Werner Baumann

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    I have just updated davfs2-1.0.2 in our CVS repository to
    sopport neon 0.2.6. You may get it from the repository by
    anonymous cvs:

    "$ cvs
    -d:pserver:anonymous@dav.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/dav login"
    Just hit Enter when asked for your password.
    "$ cvs -z3
    checkout -r v1 -P davfs2"
    Please don't forget "-r v1" to get the correct version.
    The sources should now be in a directory named "davfs2".

    It is tested with neon 0.2.6 and openssl, but not with
    gnutls. It would be nice if you could test it and send me a
    report (but I will be short of time for the next two weeks,
    so answers may be slow).


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    Thanks for your work, Gentoo now has a stable davfs2 again
    beside subversion, bugzilla history can be found here :


  • Werner Baumann
    Werner Baumann

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    the new release davfs2 1.1.1 should fix the serious bugs
    that are in the CVS version used by Gentoo. It supports neon

    It would be nice to receive some test reports, so I could do
    a bug fixed version in about two weeks, to get a real stable
    version of davfs2.


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    first view : compiles, installs and works fine, some minor

    If the mount is called as a non-root user I get:

    tfoerste@n22 ~ $ mount /mnt/dav_cps
    /sbin/mount.davfs: You can't mount into another users home
    "/" is the home directory of nobody.

    but I don't understand that message b/c I have:

    n22 /home/tfoerste # ls -ld / /mnt /mnt/dav_cps
    drwxr-xr-x 22 root root 4096 Sep 14 23:13 /
    drwxr-xr-x 18 root root 4096 Sep 20 14:25 /mnt
    drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 4096 Oct 2 2005 /mnt/dav_cps

    The other thing is that for a (very) lame remote davfs
    server I get during mount:

    /sbin/mount.davfs: Connection failed, mounting anyway. File
    system will only be usable when connection comes up.

    But an immediately command like ls, cd ... works w/o
    problems (but it is very slow, as I said)

    I asked the Gentoo maintainer for an official test ebuild
    for that, b/c my try to produce a working ebuild failed.

  • Werner Baumann
    Werner Baumann

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    Hello Toralf,

    thanks for the report.

    "/" is the home directory of nobody:
    The same problem is reported by other users.
    I will have to change the message into "...user nobody". It
    is confusing.
    As mounting a resource from a remote webdav server might be
    even more dangerous than mounting a CDROM (?), I felt the
    need to put additional restrictions on user mounts (that are
    not allready demanded by mount). One restriction is, that a
    user must not use a mountpoint that lies in the home
    directory of somebody else.
    Unfortunately gentoo makes the file system root "/" the home
    directory of user nobody, so almost everthing belongs to the
    home directory of user nobody.
    I believe this is a bad choice by gentoo. Maybe you can get
    some information about the reasons for this. On my Debian
    Sarge system the home directory of nobody is "/nonexistent",
    which does not exist. Nobody never complained about this.

    Connection failed, mounting anyway:
    I believe this is mostly caused by slow DNS look up. The
    problem: When the first request fails, mount.davfs does not
    know whether it will succeed the next time, or the problem
    turns out to be permanent. So I felt the need to inform the
    user about this.
    I believe it would not be a good idea, for instance, to try
    a fixed number of times, and then to exit if the connection
    does not came up. Its hard to find the right number of
    retries, and some users like to mount even if they know the
    server is down, but will come up tomorrow.

    Have you any suggestions for a better message. Or do you
    think the message is not necessary at all?


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    thanks for the comprehensive answer. regarding "/" I filed a
    bug at Gentoo, but the opinion of the devs differs from your.
    Here is the link to the bugzilla page :

    BTW, under AIX I found:
    nobody:!:4294967294:4294967294:System UserID

    I solved the issue by changing my /etc/passwd for nobody.

    Regarding the slow network connection: You're right. There's
    no general rule how to handle this. I think, the current
    behaviour is ok althought I was a ölittle bit confused b/c
    the msg appears immediately after the mount command.

  • Werner Baumann
    Werner Baumann

    • status: open --> closed