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Fixed: Can't create files

  • mount.j.1

    Server was accidentally configured for friendly error pages (same server also serving regular pages) that resulted in 302 response instead of 404 and it caused all kinds of problems with many different clients.  DavFS2 responded by not being able to create new files on server, but without any error indications.  File would appear in cache, but not save onto server.

    Also tested with OS X built-in WebDAV function and was broken there, but primarily with created files.  WebDrive on Windows was OK.  Different behavior by different clients made this one difficult to notice source of problem, but solution is easy - need to turn off friendly error pages for any WebDAV paths.

    Took a while to notice what was happening, so posting here as tip for anyone else who may encounter similar situation.

    • Werner Baumann
      Werner Baumann

      Could you please tell me what brand of server offers this nice feature?
      Why would "302 Found" be a valid replacement for "404 Not Found" and why is this misinformation "friendly"?
      Does this server also send the "friendly error page" in response to a HEAD-request?


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