davfs through proxy and https

  • kintoandar

    I've been trying to mount a remote folder using davfs trough a proxy (squid-2.6.STABLE6-4.el5) and using https, but with no luck.
    If using davfs without proxy and https there's no problem, the same happens when using the proxy but without https, but it fails using both.

    When I try mounting using both the davfs process allocates 99% processing  and the mount point becomes unreachable, there aren't any errors on /var/log/messages. I've tried this scenario on ubuntu, centos 5, rhel 4.4 and even on whitebox 3 (davfs support manually built in), but all results are the same!

    Can anybody provide me with some light on the matter?

    • Werner Baumann
      Werner Baumann

      What version of davfs2 do you use?

      What happens when you use SSL but no proxy?

      Can you access the remote folder with a browser, using proxy and ssl?
      If yes, please

      - add options "debug most" and "debug ssl" to your davfs2.conf.
        This will cause a lot of entries in one of your log-files
        (syslog and daemon.log on Debian).

      - send the logs.