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DataVision 0.8.2 released

DataVision 0.8.2 is now available from SourceForge at

DataVision (http://datavision.sf.net) is an Open Source reporting tool similar
to Crystal Reports. Reports can be designed using a drag-and-drop GUI. They
may be run, viewed, and printed from the application or exported as HTML, XML,
PDF, LaTeX2e, DocBook, or tab- or comma-delimited text files. The output files
produced by LaTeX2e and DocBook can in turn be used to produce PDF, text,
HTML, PostScript, and more.

DataVision is written in Java and uses JRuby to add Ruby scripting.


* Upgraded to version 0.7.0 of JRuby. See "Announcement JRuby 0.7.0" (http://jruby.sourceforge.net/release-announcement.shtml?0.7.0") for changes.

* Resources are loaded differently. Instead of calling ClassLoader.getSystemResource, we call getClass.getClassLoader.getResource.

* LaTeX and PDF layout engines now output a field's border if it has one, even if the field's value is null.

Bug fixes:

* Subreports weren't closing their database cursors. They do now.

* Subreports now save their formulas and user columns to XML.

* When the same table is in a report and a subreport, only add it to the query once.

* Fixed subreport where clause display.

* Fixed bug in Query that caused exceptions when preparing queries.

* XML layout engine closes its output properly.

* Database connection window handles empty values better.

* PDF layout engine will now output correct line thicknesses on all pages, not just the first page.

* When using a character-separated data file as a data source, the "Select Records..." menu item is now enabled.

* Character-delimited data files now correctly handle columns containing newlines.

* Report XML files now store usercols before the data source. This lets query's sorts refer to usercols.

Posted by Jim Menard 2004-08-15