#160 new page before causes blanks

David Hill

new page before forces empty pages at beginning if they
are in header or detail and forces blank pages at end
if they are in footers. Additionally, new page before
does not take effect if the header or footer is
suppressed. I am trying to make a report with one page
per person (record) and am having some difficulty
getting the same number of pages as I have people


  • Jim Menard
    Jim Menard

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    Thank you for this bug report. I understand the first issue
    (empty pages).

    I'm wondering if it makes sense for a section to cause a new
    page break if it is suppressed, though.

  • David Hill
    David Hill

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    Suppose I group by person ID and suppress the display of the
    group header and footer. I may still want to cause page
    breaks for each person even though I don't want to display a
    group header/footer. For instance, I am printing out a one
    page form that each user has supplied data for, and all the
    data for the form is in the body, it makes no sense to
    display group headers/footers and yet that is where I want
    to put the pagination command. It's not a big deal, I can
    drag the height of an empty section down to zero and still
    display it, then I have better control over pagination
    because I can conditionally suppress a zero-height section
    if I don't want a new page yet.

  • Jim Menard
    Jim Menard

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