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Data Logger GUI v2.0 Gets Update

There were a few small issues brought up by people for the initial release of 2.0. These issues primarily revolved around bad hardware. In the case of bad hardware, the program now robustly saves data as best as possible and does not crash. If you are experiencing problems with hardware, please contact someone at the School of EECS, Tekbots program.

Posted by Michael Spray 2007-02-02

Data Logger GUI v2.0 Just Released!

A much needed update to the Datalogger GUI was released on 1/22/2006. This has been in development for about a month and fixes many of the bugs that caused the program to crash and has made for a much more robust software solution for the Datalogger hardware. Also, the graph widget has been completely replaced and now uses the Qwt graphing library (visit them at:\) Enjoy the program!

Posted by Michael Spray 2007-01-24