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Version 1.7 beta 1 released

Refer to the project website :

Posted by Lud 2007-11-05

New features for next version

DataLG is now under development.

If you think that something is missing to make DataLG a good tool, please mention it via the "Feature Requests" forum.

Posted by Lud 2006-10-25

Version released

- Added proper support for set and enum types with MySql 4.x and 5.x.
- Fixed bug with Count functions with MySql 4.x and MySql 5.x.
- MySql just released Connector .Net 1.0.8 RC, so there are changes to accomodate
this new release.

Posted by Lud 2006-10-23

Version beta 6 released

- Next release should be final :=)
- Changed the default settings to true for the "Create xml documentation" and
"Save source files".
- Fixed version for MS Access so it actually works with Insert, Update and Delete.

Posted by Lud 2006-10-12

Version beta 5 released

Version beta 5

- Next release should be final.
- Stored procedures are now supported in the version for MySql 5.x.
- Select functions explicitly names each column to retrieve instead of the * character.
- A System.Text.StringBuilder is now used instead of a regular System.String to build the code. A significant improvement in performance can be noticed, especially with databases that contain many tables / views / stored procedures.
- When a database is re-analysed, items excluded remain excluded still.
- More bugs fixed in the MySql.Data project.

Posted by Lud 2006-10-11

Version beta 4 released

Bugs fixed :
- Insert with MySql 4.x and MySql 5.x
- Update with MySql 4.x and MySql 5.x

Posted by Lud 2006-10-04

Version beta 3 released

Fixed some stupid problems from beta 2.

Posted by Lud 2006-10-02

Version beta 2 released

Beta 1 had many problems, many of them are now fixed. There is also support for views with MySql 5.x, stored procedures are coming soon.

Posted by Lud 2006-10-02

Version beta 1 released

Try this new version of DataLG. Many improvements were made. Also now 3 new versions, one for MySql 4.x, one for MySql 5.x and one for MS Sql Server 2005. Please report any comment/suggestion you have.

Posted by Lud 2006-09-26