Data Crow: development of web client

The current web client was created in 2008 as a pilot. Since this is now 5 years ago we can safely say the pilot period has been concluded. From an user perspective it is a rather simple interface for searching and registering items. Technically the basic functionality is working quite well; the forms and overviews are generated dynamically based on the settings of the administrator.

There are however enough points on which the application can be improved:
- The web client cannot be run on any other web server and is also using GUI parts of the Data Crow full client in the background.
- The web server cannot run in headless environments (no monitor present).
- The functionality is very limited, only basic registration is available.
- Some bugs which are still there.

Now, having said that, what is the short term plan?
With Data Crow 3.12 I will release a new web client. Most of the issues above will be resolved. The limited functionality however will only be resolved over time;
- I will include more functionality as currently available in the initial release (loan administration will be one of them).
- The full client will remain as the administrator console; settings will not be maintained from the web client.

The future goal is to migrate all of the functionality (where technically possible) to the web client. Will this replace the current Swing application? That is not the ultimate goal, but, I do want to move away from this dependency and offer the customer of this free product a choice between clients. Additionally this will provide a full client-server application. Just to be very clear: the current Swing GUI will be supported for years to come.

It's an exciting development!


PS Rumors are I am creating an Android App as well - true. Release date? Not affected by above ramblings.

Posted by Robert Jan van der Waals 2013-07-26
  • Chad

    Looking forward to the developments...especially the Android app!