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#4 Add audio and subtitle fields to movie record

Next Minor Release

I'd need an audio field, to write the language of the
audio, for example, I could manually write
ES-EN for a dual film in spanish and english

Also, a subtitle field, to store information about the
subtitles (for example, ES-EN for a movie with spanish
and english subtitles)

Theese fields can be filled in the future when
importing in some cases (ogm subtitles, divx6 subtitles
and maybe audio, or you import a file like: movie.avi,
and you have a file like: movie.es.srt, you can fill
this field with (ES)


    • labels: --> Movie module feature
    • assigned_to: nobody --> rwaals
    • status: open --> pending
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    I can see the point of adding these fields. Might implement
    these for the next version. Though, something will have to
    be done about the layout of the item form as with this many
    fields they become unreadable. Probably the most sensible
    and logical way would be to create a tab with technical info
    (like rate etc) and a tab with descriptions (actors, etc).
    Not sure yet..

    • milestone: --> Next_Release
    • status: pending --> closed
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    Added the two requested fields. Added MOV and OGM file parsing.
    Subtitle field is filled if the parser finds information. No
    support added for checking srt or other subtitle files. This
    might be added later on.