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several questions

  • Maybe I should have stuck this in the previous thread, but I have several questions:

    1. What is the "Attach file info" menu item when I right click on an item?

    2. Is it possible to change the "Card view"? In particular - what text is displayed, how big the thumbnails are, how much space there is between items?

    3. When I use "filter", I can add conditions but clicking "Add". Is it possible to remove conditions? Oh - I just noticed that I can remove conditions by double clicking on them! Maybe there could be a button for that? Or a right click menu? Double click usually means activate...

    4. Another thing that I couldn't figure out how to do is how to unapply a filter. Say I searched for stuff, and now see only a sub-tree of everything. How do I get back to the original view?

    5. In Alter module wizard, I can add new fields. Is it possible to modify existing fields? In particular, is it possible to change the name of a field, and is it possible to change a field so that it is searchable? (I said that I added a field called "Category-multi", but I forgot to make it searchable. Now I have to add a new field, and then edit all the data again...)

    6. What do the bold-faced fields in the alter module wizard mean? When I double click on a field it becomes grey and unbolded. Does that mean anything? When I double clikc on the number button, the name gets written there - does that have a meaning?

    7. It would be nice if in the Grouping pane, the root node (I.e. the module name, for example "books") would also display how many there are, and if I clicked on it, it would display all books. I can get the same effect by pressing F10 twice (then I get the "All" grouping).


    • I had to run, but I have some more questions.

      8. I don't exactly understand how "book import" works. I am using it quite a lot, but I think I might be using it wrong. I have books that I scanned in and converted to djvu. Usually the author and title are part of the filename. What I do is this:
      a. book import
      b. click select individual file (I haven't managed to get the directory scan to work)
      c. click on location
      d. change type of file to "all files" (because djvu is not listed)
      e. click on the file, click open
      f. click on run. A new entry is created that has the title taken from the filename.
      g. Now I double click on the entry. Because the title also has some junk in it, I usually edit it, and then click "save"
      [Here I'd like to point out a problem: I think if I edit the title, then clicking "update" to scan for it on amazon should scan for the new title, not the old one, as it seems to do. So I have to save and re-open the book to scan for the edited title]
      h. I re-open the book, click update, and then import the data into my database.

      Is this the right procedure? Is there a faster way to go from file with author/title in filname to entry? Is it possible to add djvu to the filename in book import?

      9. Sometimes, when I do the above procedure I get an error saying something like "Carrol%20Alice%20in%20wonderland" not found. I usually have to then edit, delete and retype parts or all of the title to get rid of the error. Where does this error come from?

      10. I encountered the following problem: I added a new field to the book module, but by mistake clicked "no" when it asked me if I want to restart after saving the changes. I immediately realized my mistake, and quit datacrow, and started it again, only to discover that the database was empty, or seemed so. After playing around with it I could see that the system is in a sick state. I backed everything up, and restored it from that backup, and things seemed fine again. If one really has to quit after adding a field, then I think the program should not present two options yes/no... just one...

    • Hello,

      Here come a lot of answers. It would be nice if you pressed the F1 button every now and then.. ;)

      1 Attaches file information to your current item (F1 - Help: To read the information from a movie file, a music file, etc go to the "file" menu and select "attach file info". If the item already has a filename defined, the information from that file is (re-) read. Otherwise a dialog is opened which allows you to browse for the file from which you want the information to be read. Data Crow will read the information from the file and update the values in the item form.

      2 Via settings > field settings
      Fields marked as 'Descriptive' determine what is displayed as text in the view.

      3 No. ;)

      4 Perform an empty search (quick filter bar). Could become a new feature for the filter menu (remove filter).

      5 Existing fields cannot be edited as their is a lot of complexity behind the scene is going on. The information entered the first time is used to determine quite a lot of additional information. This makes it hazardous to try and change an existing field later.

      6 Cursive: System field; cannot be removed (online search depends on this field being present for example)
        Bold: Can safely be removed. However this could be more obvious. The bold text should not become normal after a double-click (bug).

      7 Yes, that would be nice. ("Edit > Clear" does the same)

      8 The book import is not really advanced; it will give you the title and for PDF and some other formats additional information (if filled in). The update (online search) should take the new title name (= bug), however you can stop the search and enter the correct title in the online search window. The fastest way for you would to import your items using the online search directly.

      9 This is the search string as it is send to Amazon (or whatever online service). It just means what it says; can't find anything for the given input. The presentation of the search string could however be better (minor bug).

      10 This one doesn't make sense. What do you mean with "in a sick state"?

    • Thank you for the answers!

      2. Thanks! That works. What about thumbnail size and spacing?

      5. Yes, you are right - probably changing a field property is too complicated. But what about changing if the field is "searchable", and the name? That shouldn't cause havoc, or does it?

      10. The sick state was this: the book list was empty (no books). When I added a new book, it wasn't added. When I tried to add books through "book import", and clicked on "run", I got some dialog box saying that the operation failed or so.

    • To answer part of my own question:

      5. Changing the name of the field is possible (sort of), in "field settings", one can assign a label to a field, which is then what is shown.