Data Crow 3.5 - Planned features:

  • The following features are being planned to be implemented in the new 3.5 version.
    The 3.5 version will be a major version. Main focus will be on the flexible online services model and the container module.

    - Documentation: Online Services and Plugins.
    - Flexible Online Services model (scripting).
    - Additional file import for the Books module.
    - SVG compatibility / Conversion.
    - Get the first image from PDF files (e-Book).
    - Country and Language drop down / modules.
    - Upgrade of the Container module / Container Hierarchy.
    - Upgrade of the Container module / Global Importer.
    - Store table layout.
    - Export to: for views (XLS, XML, TXT).
    - Additional online services (using the new model).
    - Book Module / Additional import.

    This list is for the most part based on the features requests (thanks to all users for taking the time to log these). The flexible online services part is one I came up myself. I have been slow in releasing new online services. The new model will allow me (and hopefully others) to create a new online service without actually coding anything.

    The container module and book module have been neglected for quite some time. These will be upgraded in the 3.5 release. I am not yet sure how far I will go in this but at least it will enable the book module to import information from several sources. The container hierarchy and the global importer will make the container module more powerful.

    • Great job to come!
      Are you going to make the Country module by yourself  or would you like me to do (and/or  fill) it  ?


      • Hi Pierre!

        Yes it's a lot of work but.. I am finally getting at a point where I have done all of the major rewriting.
        I am looking forward to implement most of the things :-)

        I would be very thankful if you could go ahead and provide the list(s)!

        Thanks & Cheers,
        Robert Jan

    • hello;

      Of course, if you send me the fields description and/or the .jar; i will try to fill the lists,

      did you put a "localization" image  field ? , this might be useful...; and nice

    • *Sorry location, not localization ....

      • I'll get there! Sorry for my late reply!!

        Robert Jan

    • Implemented in version 3.4.10

      - Documentation: Online Services and Plugins.
      - SVG compatibility / Conversion.
      - Get the first image from PDF files (e-Book).