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  • I will focus solely on new online services for the 3.4.8 version. I have enough english sites / services and would like to add french, spanish and other non english services to Data Crow. If you know a good one please post a reply to this topic.

    Robert Jan

  • InfernoRed

    Hi Robert,
    Very nice project! I don't know whether this qualifies for this topic, but i'd really really like to see online searches for Softpedia (and maybe CNET). The current software online searches (in Amazon) are restricted to commercial software…that's a pitty. Softpedia for instance sontains all the freeware products and this would help a lot. Can you add this please? Or can i add a server somewhere myself (haven't found it)? Thanks for you answer (bedankt ;-))!

  • Nice suggestion. I recently added I will also add the sites you suggested for the next release.

    Groeten, Robert Jan :-)

  • InfernoRed

    That would be awesome! As soon as those are in there, i will really start using data crow for my software collection :-).

    (any idea when this relaese will be?)

  • I release quite often. I am planning on another minor release containing bug fixes and additional online services within 2 weeks.

    Robert Jan

  • InfernoRed

    That would be really fast :-). I'll keep a gap in my agenda to categorize my software collection in about two weeks then! Many thanks again!

  • InfernoRed

    Wow, the update is already done and it works great! I'm putting my software collection in data crow right now :-). Many thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Celso R
    Celso R

    Portuguese books:    it has information of title, isbn, year, author, editor, and a litle picture of the cover of the book. You can search with title, author or isbn.  - "social book share", it has also good information about portuguese books (and with covers).

  • Kermiac

    Hi. Excellent program! I am currently in the process of cataloging my DVD & Bluray collection & I have noticed that a fair amount of the covers, classifications & run times  offered by the search providers in this program do not match the Australia versions I own.
    Would it be possible to add another site that seems to have the correct information & covers for Australian discs?
    I believe that this site  [ would be fantastic. This site lists the required fields that are different from American/Canadian & European titles (such as run time & Australian  rating/classification & cover) as well as in-depth info such as Actors, Director, Audio, Aspect Ratio & much more.
    Thanks for writing such an awesome application & also thanks for making it Open Source!!


  • jdcz

    Hi Robert, thanks for this great program. I'd suggest adding for online book searches. It usually doesn't provide as much information as other sources, but it contains info on books written in 30 or so languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese. I think this would significantly widen the range of possible users. Once again, thanks for all your work.


  • Tommy

    Hi, i love the program, but for many asian book, the isbn cannot be found in, can you add    for chinese book    for japanese book
    it will be very helpful if these site can download data for asian people

  • Bellenthan


    The program is very good but for the online search in french, I think this website are better than amazone or imdb.

    Films :
    BD :

    So if you can add them for the french online search, i'll be very great.
    Best regards

  • Korina
    2010-02-21 for greek books

  • evest

    this is a good site for classical references very complete, it will be good to have online search with.
    thank you for your very good programm

  • evest

    sorry, i forget the link:

  • Thanks!

  • Bellenthan


    News about adding this web sites ?

  • Hi,

    They will be added. It's just a lack of time I am struggling with at the moment.
    Don't worry, one of the next versions will contain the new online services.


  • Manfred Rummel
    Manfred Rummel

    Request for German Books:
    which is the University of Karlsruhe

    Whould really appreciate this site afdded
    TXS in advance

  • Markus Petz
    Markus Petz

    i like that many services can be added. GC Star does something similar - perhaps a plug in method so that when I find a website I can just add that woudl be good.

    Then you don't have to keep manually adding them. Maybe this needs some kind of open standard I am not sure.


  • An how about a way to easily add servers for the end user?

  • Carl


    I don't know if a new post will place this old thread back at the top, but I'll give it a go…

    I wanted to suggest which lets you search all of Sweden's public libraries.
    So, we're talking about an enormous amount of books, maps, audio books, movies, magazines etc - both Swedish ones and from all over the world!

    Thanks a million!

  • Dan Dare
    Dan Dare

    I would suggest for movies:
    Would be possible?
    Thank you!

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