Importing from Gcstar

  • Freikland


    First excuse my low level of English because I am French ...
    I am new to Data crow. (my system is ubuntu 13.10)

    This is what brings me here:
    I try to import a complete collection of films (over 2400 titles) created with Gcstar. But it is impossible to import it in Data crow 3.12.5.
    Indeed, each tentive, I am entitled to: "Movies 1> empty 1", whether imported in CSV or XML format.
    Would it be a question of separator in the CSV ? (,;)
    I already tried to change the source file, without convincing results.

    Finally, I also tried without success to export this same collection from Tellico (imported from Gcstar also), but does not want Data crow.

    Is it possible to import a complete collection of films from gcstar to Datacrow ? (or Tellico)
    If so, how should we go about it succeed ?

    Thank you in advance for your able assistance.

  • Hi,

    To import from Gcstar (or any other source) it is best to use CSV files. Make sure you open the file in a text editor such as notepad and take a look at the character used to separate the values. This needs to be entered as the separator character in the import.