Problem with smb-share as user directory on linux

  • Hi,
    I use DataCrow on 2 windows-machines, the database is on an external usb hdd connected to my router.
    Now I installed OpenSuse on my notebook and wanted to use that directory on the usb hdd connected to my router, too.
    On Dolphin, I can connect to that hdd - using the address "smb://"
    DataCrow will not allow me that: it always adds "/home/USER" to the address. [Using Windows, DC doesn't do that, it just will let you choose the directory or give in any address.]
    I didn't find that problem in the discussion group. How do I give in correctly the smb-address when asked by DC for the user directory? Or how can I get rid of the addition "/home/user" in DC on Linux?
    I tried to add -userdir:"smb://" - the program starts but not with the database! So "-userdir" hasn't helped me.
    Thanks, Paul-Stefan

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  • Hi,

    I have e-mailed you about this as well. However, I am not sure the SMB protocol will work with the database. I suggest waiting for 4.0 version which features a simple server which will allow you to connect through the net instead of a file share.