Invalid path

  • Tom

    Hi to all,
    DC is a great piece of software.
    But I have a problem with linked files. I use a file launcher field for .mid-files. I want to start the file, but the path sent to the player is invalid - it is _path-to-datacrow\\Path-to-file_

    My system: Win 7 32bit / Data Crow installation path: c:\users\tom\documents\datacrow
    The mid-files are located in the directory c:\users\tom\documents\Controller MIDIs\
    When selecting the link in DC I get an error from VLC Player (also from other players). It cannot open the file, because it searches the file in c:\users\tom\documents\datacrow\\c:\users\tom\documents\Controller MIDIs\

    I just postet a bug report, but rwaals said it is a problem of windows.
    I cannot find a solution.

    Anyone can help? Please