Multiple File Movie

  • James Lagathy
    James Lagathy

    If I have the following multiple file movies in a directory:

    D:\Movie (2007)
    D:\Movie (2007)\movie-cd1.avi
    D:\Movie (2007)\movie-cd2.avi
    D:\Movie 2 (2007)\ D:\Movie 2 (2007)\movie-2-cd1.avi
    D:\Movie 2 (2007)\movie-2-cd2.avi

    Currently on import I get:
    Movie (2007)
    Movie (2007)
    Movie 2 (2007)
    Movie 2 (2007)

    Where each entry contains information from a single file.

    Instead can multiple files be added to a single entry?
    Like this:

    Movie (2007)
    Movie 2 (2007)

    Where the files, times, sizes, etc... reflect both files not just one?


    • That is currently not possible. The way items might be changed in a future release, but this is unplanned for now.
      A better structure would be for example:
      movie > discs
            > files

      You could manually change the module so that it will have multiple file fields but I think this is not what you would like to do as this does not change the way files are imported.

      Sorry for the inconvenience,
      Robert Jan