Where did the import tab go?

  • RoestVrijStaal


    I use Data Crow for managing scripts I've read and scripts I still need to read.

    In the past Data Crow had a tab in the main window (not the wizard window) where imported files temporary go to edit its metadata before adding/saving them in the database for real.

    For me that tab was essential, since most of the files lacked or included faulty metadata like author or title names.

    As a strict reminder to myself I've set 'Status' and 'Category' as 'IS NOT NULL'.

    Unfortunately within version 3.12.5, I can't import such files anymore since the importer only feeds itself of the metadata of the file. And thus refuse to import files because 'Status' and 'Category' are missing. Of course I could set those fields back to 'IS NULL', but then I would shortage the purpose why I use Data Crow.

    Is there a workaround of it?

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  • That option has been removed entirely. What you could do is import them with a specific container (settings tab). This way you can easily identify the newly imported items and remove them after saving.

    I have removed this option to make it easier for most users to use Data Crow.


  • RoestVrijStaal

    I'm afraid you missed the point.

    My issue is I can't import plaintext files anymore since the importer only accepts metadata of the imported files. And thus refuse to import files because 'Status' and 'Category' are missing.

    I made a container in that Importer dialog but still getting the same error message.

  • Will be fixed with the next version