What do you think of the following feature

  • A feature to merge items into one existing item. Could be convenient if you have multiple categories which are actually the same (RPG category and Role Playing for example). A merge option would allow you to merge multiple items to one. This would also update any item referencing these.

    Second is an addition to the container module to remove any containers not having any items assigned to it.

    I have seen many feature requests coming by, but not these. Useful?

  • Guess not :-)

  • Ralf

    Each feature will be useful some day ;-)
    I have such a problem with the music genres. Whenever I retrieve audio CD data with the http://www.freedb.org/en/ plugin, I also get categories I have renamed some time before because the description was english and I have just translated them in my database. This process creates the original english categories new, so i have to correct the categories each time for each CD.... Does such a merging feature solve such problems?

  • What you can do is use the "alternate names" on the property. Accidently I have updated the help on this topic. Go to Administration, Maintain X, open an item and press F1 for additional help.

  • With version 3.12.1 you can merge the existing categories into one. It will also fill the alternative names section. This means if the online search offfers/finds that category again it will be mapped to your new category.