#38 Build failed (7 errors, 2 warnings)


Steps to Reproduce:
1)Although New Project text in bug report 1508286
states "(wine based PPC/native)" on a Mac Mini
Intel Core Duo, proceed by clicking Next.
2)Finish the Assistant.
3)Build the project.

Expected Results:
I expected the application to be created in the same
directory as where the source files are contained, per
http://darwine.opendarwin.org/download.php Notes for
the SDK.

Actual Results:
1)Build failed (7 errors, 2 warnings)
2)Clicking "Error and Warnings" in "Groups & Files" shows:
error: parse error before 'WinMain' main.c:21
error: parse error before 'hInstance' main.c:21
warning: return type defaults to 'int' main.c:22
error: 'MB_ICONEXCLAMATION' undeclared (first use in
this function) main.c:24
error: 'MB_OK' undeclared (first use in this function)
error: 'NULL' undeclared (first use in this function)
warning: implicit declaration of function 'MessageBox'
error" windows.h: No such file or directory main.h:19
main.h:19:21: error: windows.h: No such file or
directory Tool:0

I only installed the Darwine SDK 0.9.12 DP (Universal).
I did not install Darwine 0.9.12 DP (x86), if that is
a prerequisite.
Maybe a workaround is to build on MS Windows and try to
run on Mac OS X with Darwine. But that would still tie
me to needing MS Windows.



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    I was able to build and run the Darwine SDK Xcode template (only 9 months later than the above bug report).
    During this week of 2007-03-18, Xcode 2.4.1 does not honor Paths in Project | Edit Project Settings on Mac OSX 10.4.9 Build 8P2137 on Mac Intel Core Duo.

    I edited the template's Makefile's INCLUDE_PATH to include /Developer/Headers/Wine/include/wine/windows
    Then I changed __powerpc__ in CEXTRA and CXXEXTRA to __i386__
    I added PATH = $PATH:/Developer/Tools:/usr/libexec/gcc/darwin/i386:/usr/bin
    (Note your architecture above)

    There were also warnings about not finding the path /usr/lib/wine
    I don't know if Darwine (or Darwine SDK) installed this or is missing
    this library path or if I overwrote it with WineHQ versions, but I
    (re)installed winehq.com wine-0.9.33 next.

    WineHQ had minor install problems for me. If ./tools/wineinstall
    doesn't work for you, try from an X11 window (not the standard Mac OS
    X Terminal window -- so you need to have X11 installed)
    make depend && make
    make install (this last make requires root or sudo)

    Then I was able to replace in the Makefile
    LIBRARY_PATH = -L/usr/lib/wine
    LIBRARY_PATH = -L/my_path_to/wine-0.9.33/dlls

    I think that's it. Click Build from Xcode.
    Succeeded baby! No Warnings and No Errors
    Then I ran it in an X11 window from /my_path_to/wine-0.9.33/
    ./wine ~/my_path_to/darwinehelloworld.exe.so