Wii Remote to MIDI

  • Mike Verdone
    Mike Verdone

    Hi everyone,

    I've started a project called WiiToMidi to connect the Wii controller to MIDI, so that it can control synthesizers and other music gadgets. The code is not yet in SourceForge because I haven't requested a project yet (gonna do that now) but if you want to take a look I have sources and binaries here:

    <a href="http://mike.verdone.ca/wiitomidi/">http://mike.verdone.ca/wiitomidi/</a>

    If anyone wants to help me develop this, or if you find it useful and want to request some features, let me know.

    • i would seriously like to add gesture functionality to this, and maybe (eventually) rewire support...

      I was thinking of doing something like this anyway to control Ableton Live events, but I am not sufficiently skilled at Obj-C/Cocoa/Xcode - my experience is really with M$ but I heart OSX and want to get in to developing for it.

      So, anyway! Where is the sourceforge and where is the svn?