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WiiMote - Application remote control

  • Hi!

    I wrote WiiMote.app - a connection of a AppleScript
    remote control and the WiiRemoteFramework 0.4.

    download bin/src:

    Some things should be done (e.g. more keys at mouse mode).
    Source will be GPLed!

    Please check out the new mouse controll
    (Press B to start moving the mouse).
    I tried to make measurements smoother and
    the controll softer. This Source comes from
    a older Project
    Wiisual (3D display and tried measurement of SPEED).

    Ask me about the usage. A starting point is in the readme.

    Best ragards,


    • Interesting usage of the WiiRemote.framework

      One thing that I notice is that for people who do not have the framework saved in
      The application will have some problems.

      I havent had time to look at the code carefully, but if I spot anything that will benifit the app
      I will post it here.

      Marcus deThouars

      • The framework is put in the application package of my program, and it works fine.
        Nothing should be placed under the System folder.